National Restoration Strategist- Author-Speaker-Soul Doctor

National Restoration:

“A Strategist”

Lefferts is a “Fellow,” serving as a National Restoration Strategist with the think tank known as “Guardians of the Republic, Inc.”

The purpose and mission of the corporation will be as follows: Guardians of The Republic, INC. is a nonprofit public policy organization that conducts primary and secondary research and analysis to develop and establish policy recommendations, position papers and insight that contribute to community betterment by enhancing and increasing awareness, knowledge and understanding of key public policy
issues and concerns.

The corporation will perform, conduct, and engage in numerous nonprofit activities to include, not limited to the following: website operations, social media activities, podcasting, polling, newsletters, debates, white papers, humanitarian activities, interviews, live streams, radio and television activities, documentaries, rallies and joint activities with other nonprofit organizations. The corporation is a Non-profit 501 (c)4.

Personal Restoration:

“An Educating Soul Doc”

Lefferts has been diligently creating empowerment resources for the last decade that address all aspects of personal restoration that can be tailored to fit a national discussion, a holistic health discussion or personalized. With a collective and deep experiential perspective that spans thirty years in the making, she never runs short of content and real-life examples.

Academic & Leadership Conference Speaker TRIPSAFRICA:

The purpose of T.R.I.P.S. is leadership development for societal transformation in all of the seven spheres of society.

These spheres include Family, Economics, Government, Religion, Education, Media/Communication, and the Arts.
By empowering key leaders, they will proceed to train their own community to rise up and positively impact their own spheres of society.

Lefferts is sharing published content for academic development with Christian University usage and other public service venues.

Dr. K also contributes to the ‘Global Problem-Solvers,” a think ank of holistic leaning doctors and legislators based out Phoenix, AZ founded by Eddie Tantoco and Dean Cain.

This researcher has decades of work ready to come forward and is collaborating or under contract with publishers and literary agencies for media production with current and upcoming publications. This is part of the Seven Mountains of Society quest to introduce a more dynamic and expanding perspective of the Spirit-soul & body restoration-alignment across age and social demographic.

Current organizational affilations & memberships: