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Our Soul Doctor has a passion for personal restoration as a result of witnessing the multigenerational fallout of countless families through years of community service. The value of this experience brings insight to a restoration message from a Spirit-soul-body perspective like none other. With a strong background in biological sciences, holistic therapies and recognizing the importance of a spiritual anchor, she can connect with a very diverse audience!

Lefferts has been a featured guest, speaker, and co-host for health restorative initiatives. She has also been an active member in global problem-solving groups that focus on natural health and legislative issues. As a holistic practitioner, she also received God-sized favor to train with national leaders in neuro-therapies and functional medicine and created educational empowerment tools for rehabilitation purposes.

Have you ever stopped to think that not everyone may have celebrated the release of the Biblical hero Joseph (an innocent man falsely imprisoned)? Afterall, wasn’t there already a chain of command in place before the LORD placed him in a lofty position? Someone must have been jealous, as that spirit originally had him thrown into a pit by his brethren years prior. But decades later of spiritual chastening and strengthening he emerges as a purified vessel from a place of filth and discard, with youthful errors pressed out, and certainly more cautious with his words and trust. His life is an example of how God can move you into place no matter if man celebrates you or not! Remember that a jealous spirit tries to discard, and the “love of the brethren” can grow cold. Often people pin themselves down under the weight of another’s expectations and cut their own potential short by adopting a captive mindset. In this restoration discussion we will explore the power or lockdown that can occur within mutually intertwined destinies! Few ever experience the full manifestation of their calling because they refuse the press that purifies, and even sabotage divine alignments out of jealousy and hatred. In this discussion we examine prophetic patterns and how they can help realign your unique calling and purpose.

“Life is in the blood,” it has a voice, it carries the ability to enforce bonds and oaths, it links generation to generation, and it carries both blessings and curses genetically and spiritually! It was the first acceptable offering, covered the first sin, was spilt in the first family feud provoked by jealousy, created a century-to-century bloodline war from Cain and Seth to today’s world dominators, and is the basis for the New and Old Covenant system that governs the laws that every man is subject to, no matter if he knows it or not! That sticky red stuff has been highly underrated by the normalization of giving it freely from our bodies, allowing anyone to access or probe it, without giving a second thought to its sacredness. This is far more than an old school biology teaching, but one that can change your understanding… permanently.

Have you ever felt the sensation of being completely overwhelmed for apparently no real reason? Yet it may be hard to concentrate and there seems to be an unexplainable interference that is difficult to explain. Well, there is interference, and it can be manmade or spiritually induced, but the outcome is still the same. This subject is not one that requires a science background, just the opposite- an inquisitive mind that knows that there are more forces at play than what we may understand. Nature has a pulse, as do collective cities and atmospheres, everything we encounter from movies to music has unseen waves that communicate with more than audible noise. There are frequencies everywhere and we existence smack dap in the middle of them! There are deeper effects upon the body, spirit, and soul than you may consider when it comes to the War of Frequencies, and the messages they carry. This discussion is not New Age in the least bit, but truly God-honoring and integrates scriptural patterns with the impact at a Biophysical level!

You have power, but most people have no idea how to access it! Transformation is a catchy word, but if you stop to think, when is the last time you have experienced a liberation of a mindset, recalibrated a belief system, calmed some raging neurons and even deepened spiritual understanding? All this is possible by learning to recognize patterns! Confusion dissipates when patterns can be used to confirm or deny truths, because they won’t lie like emotions, and they always reveal a depth of meaning that takes countless words to confirm. There is truly nothing new under the sun, so when modern ideals or cultures change, you can still find an anchor of truth because of Pattern Discernment. This is truly meant for those that seek the timeless and fad-less seeds of wisdom, that opens avenues for critical thinking while equipping the brain with a new arsenal. Patterns are the reason WHY history is so important, we fight an enemy that cannot create anything new, and must recycle the same sabotages to attack generation after generation. A pattern “detective” will tap into life altering wisdom! Let’s align ourselves today by learning the patterns that unleash power!

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