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As a devout Christian Patriot that has a unique perspective on National Restoration with the Guardians of the Republic, Dr. Kristiann Lefferts can deliver a connection to the importance of covenantal history as an overlooked element of a personal restoration plan!

Lefferts has been a guest speaker for the last decade for pro-Christian or pro-community restoration groups. In addition, she will now be adding various patriot and covenant group memberships that tie her personal heritage as a descendant of national covenant creators, giving that extra fire of passion to the subject!

Wake Up Americans! Our national identity as been assaulted with an enemy that seeks to kill and destroy the unique blessed position this nation has amongst all nations of the world. Our legal and spiritual rights Republic must stand, or the entire world will fall! This is not a discussion for the faint of heart, but for those that really want to know WHY our national foundation matters to them!

Most Americans today do not even recognize the prophetic meaning of “Old Glory,” and in our quest to stabilize our familial and individual foundations, we must recognize that destiny has a geography. We have the potential to hold a critical place in history, as National Covenant Keepers, acknowledging that our destiny has a geography. Our nation holds a promise that cannot be silent and is a foothold in every citizen, which can be a strong headwind of mourning or an uplifting of joy! Guarding our national identity and spiritual gateways has been largely ignored by institutions but must be ignited within the patriots to harvest the core blessings available to us. There is power in honor, covenant, and identity, which has sparked an all-out war in heaven and earth to steal and destroy its life-giving purpose.

Altars are still relevant and recognized after thousands of years of history! They are an essential element to a covenantal relationship with our God and have been dishonored by the lack of understanding from an unknowing population. Our country has allowed a mockery of the sacredness of these core elements, and worse, has allowed the infiltration of evil altars to dominate the landscape right under the nose of a public that is impressed by shiny objects! This emboldens a spiritual headwind in the highest rank of forces that oppose each person seeking to live out a divine purpose on earth!

There are thieves in the airways that recognize the importance of both physical and spiritual altars for power. We need to guard the good and recognize the bad or accept the extra oppression that derails God-given blessings and destiny! It is contrary to whine about the status and allow a rowdy, mob-rule as they commit travesties by expressing their out-of-control soul wounds or emotional status with misplaced anger aimed a foundation- that leads back to covenant! Our spiritual enemy has weaponized empathy to confuse blessed people as to WHO they really are! It is hatred that has fostered the loveless society and allowed these invaders to root, so love is the ultimate uniting return fire power! Stand firm patriots to keep our landscapes that tell a story of a country that returns to her God and will not become another adulterous storyline in the books of Heaven.

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